April 11, 2019

Matthew 6:25–33

Stacey Utecht, a Moody alumna, gave up her job to follow God’s leading. This meant financial risk, but God provided. “Yesterday, my pastor shared how God provides for His people. Today, I had friends in town visiting. Before we parted, they put an envelope in my pocket saying they wanted to bless me. When they pulled away, I saw it was $1,000. God saw my need and was extravagant in meeting it. I share this to encourage you if you are also in need. God is able!”

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.
Today’s passage addresses worries we face on a daily basis about our finances and other needs. The word therefore means you should look at what came before. Earlier in Matthew 6, Jesus teaches His disciples the Lord’s Prayer, reminds them to store up treasure in heaven (v. 19), and calls them to serve God rather than money (v. 24). Why does Jesus turn our attention from prayer to worry? The earlier verses remind us to keep an eternal mindset. While we live and work in this world, we are citizens of heaven. While we share the same concerns as our neighbors, we can be certain of the Lord’s care and a guaranteed eternal future.

“Therefore” we should not worry (v. 25). God, our faithful provider, values us and will provide for us. Just like the Israelites, we tend to forget this truth. We believe we are in control and responsible for our own destiny. This passage reminds us that God will provide down to the smallest detail.

Verse 28 asks: “Why do you worry about clothes?” God is concerned about what you eat, drink, and wear! God as our Father knows what we need and will provide. Rather than let our heart worry about temporary needs, we are to shift our focus to “his kingdom and his righteousness” (v. 33). This alone is an antidote to worry.


Writing down your worries is one way to relieve stress. Today, take a moment to make a list of the worries on your mind, whether small or large. Then, use this list to pray, giving each worry to God. Not only does He care for you, but He alone holds your future. Tell your heavenly Father the concerns weighing down your heart.


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