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Royal Healthy Shito

This is a special condiment with its origin in Ghana, West Africa. This hot pepper sauce can be eaten with almost anything. Its perfect for Jollof, Waakye (Rice and Beans), Steamed rice, White bread and almost any dish.



The basic ingredients are ginger, dried fish, prawns, crustaceans, tomatoes, garlic, cayenne peppers, vegetable oil, and spices.


Short History of Shito

The name Shito which means pepper was coined from a Ghanaian language ‘GA’ for people from Accra, the Ghanaian capital. Shitor Din, (black pepper) commonly called ‘Shito’ is now a name widely used for hot black pepper sauce ubiquitous in Ghanaian cuisine. Apart from Ghana, Shito is now popular and being used across other African countries as well as other continents. People who by chance have tasted shito hold it in high esteem, for this reason was named ‘the companion’; because, it serves a major ready-made food for all senior high school students, workers and travelers.


Mentiasie Special Offers

As health professionals, we help people to attain quality of life through healthy eating. Apart from the Royal regular shito of which contains all the basic ingredients stated, we also have Royal Special Shito of which our choice of ingredients and spices are informed by the health status of our customers.

If you are an anemic patient and need to increase the intake of folate, Vitamin B12, vitamin K and Iron, our choice of ingredient might include soya and other foods for blood.
If you suffer from bone injury, we enriched the Shito with Vitamin D,Vitamin K, Calcium, Magnesium and fluoride.

All you have to do is Contact us and make the order.


Tips to Increase shelf life
Royal Healthy Shito last from 3-6 months and can even extend to a year (if refrigerated).
Store in a cool dry place.

  • Use ONLY clean dry spoon
  • After use close tightly
  • After use, clean all particles around the bottle.
  • Keep oil on top

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Royal Healthy Shito

A tasty black hot pepper sauce made from a blend of special ingredients and spices with a longer shelf life. It can be eaten with a variety of dishes including steamed rice, white bread, spring roll, Potatoes, Shashlik/khebab, Manka/Greiz etc.

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